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Gerard Barry is a Sydney-based structural engineer with experience in steel fabrication, construction, engineering aspects of law cases and consulting engineering.
Gerard Barry Associates Pty Limited was established by Gerard Barry in 1983 and provides the following services:

  • Structural engineering design and documentation in reinforced concrete, structural steel and timber
  • Structural and forensic engineering investigations, assessments and reports on building damage and defects;
  • Remedial work specifications, tender documentation and management
  • Expert witness commissions
  • Insurance investigations of buildings
  • Project management
  • Demolition and temporary work – safe work method documentation and monitoring
  • Damaged buildings and retaining walls – make safe work methods
  • Structural engineering alterations and fit-outs
  • Pre-purchase structural engineering reports
  • Structural engineering condition (dilapidation) reports
  • Strata and residential building assessments under warrantees noted in the NSW building Act 1989
  • Attendance on and progressive inspections of structural elements during construction
  • Structural engineering certification
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Gerard Barry Associates Pty Limited

Gerard Barry Associates Pty Limited
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NSW 2069
Phone: 02 9411 5582
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